Colony labs — Strategic Partner of Deliq

We are pleased to announce that Deliq has entered into a Strategic partnership with Colony labs . Colony is the leading community driven accelerator on Avalanche .

Colony labs has invested in various Avalanche ecosystem and provides support to projects in terms of Development , Marketing etc .Colony will help Deliq expanding in the Avalanche ecosystem by leveraging their vast network . Colony is not just a strategic partner , early investor they play an important role in Liquidity provisioning , Validator programs , Indexing projects .

Deliq is DeFi 2.0 protocol that allows protocol owned liquidity on Avalanche Ecosystem by using Liquidity-by-Staking model to help protocols bootstrap liquidity in a capital efficient manner . Deliq is trying to create a Liquidity infrastructure layer for the Avalanche based projects. The protocol native $DLQ can be staked by protocols to get access to long term liquidity and simultaneously diversify their treasuries.



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