DCI Capital -Investor and Marketing partner of Deliq Finance.

Partnerships :

We are delighted to announce that DCI Capital, one of the most prominent Venture Capital firms in the Crypto and DeFi space, has invested in Deliq Finance.

DCI has invested in multiple multi million dollar protocols . DCI will help Deliq tremendously in expanding the user base by leveraging it’s vast network and supporting in marketing and product development . DCI capital supports their portfolio projects in reaching their maximum potential and reach out to other prominent investors in crypto space. DCI has invested in several projects across various blockchains like Avalanche , Solana , BSC , Ethereum etc .We are looking forward to this exceptional collaborative opportunity to achieve our broader goal of developing in the DeFi 2.0 market.

About Deliq Finance :

Deliq is DeFi 2.0 protocol on Avalanche pioneering in Liquidity outsourcing services . At Deliq we are trying to create a Liquidity infrastructure layer for DeFi , Metaverse , Gaming protocols to help them bootstrap liquidity . By using Liquidity-by-Staking model Deliq allows Protocol owned Liquidity on Avalanche blockchain.







A decentralized market making protocol for next gen DeFi applications.

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Deliq Finance

Deliq Finance

A decentralized market making protocol for next gen DeFi applications.

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