Deliq : Enabling Protocol Owned Liquidity.

Deliq introduces a novel Liquidity-by-Staking(LBS) model to enable protocols direct liquidity as they need!

🤔Why do we need Deliq ?
Tokenization of assets has given rise to completely new financial implementations.
The Decentralized Finance protocols are powered by native tokens , these tokens are traded among users , borrowed , staked and collateralized for yields. This token intensive decentralized world comes to a halt if sufficient liquidity is not available.
Liquidity is a key piece of the decentralized infrastructure to support the upcoming novel DeFi platforms . So currently what solutions are available and why they cannot be part of future of DeFi ❓
Let’s take a deep dive in :
⛏️ Liquidity Mining : Liquidity Mining promotes misaligned incentives that promote selling pressure onto the protocol token and introduces inflationary tokenomics.
💰 Centralized market makers : Capital inefficient solution that introduces legalities and other centralizes resources like trading strategies and expertise .
⌚️ Liquidity Mining call options : LM call options just postpone the inevitable side effects of Liquidity Mining bcoz seller will dump the token at the first chance they get i.e call option expiry .


🌊Liquidity by Staking model of Deliq :
Protocol treasuries are increasing in value by the day , Deliq enables these protocols to own their liquidity by staking the DLQ token into the asset pools and direct liquidity to desired exchanges . Instead of wasting the resources for free , protocols can generate a new revenue stream for themselves as well as get access to sustainable liquidity.

💡How do protocols benefit from LBS model :

  1. Long term liquidity as opposed to temporary and fragmented liquidity.
  2. Capital efficient.
  3. Generate a new revenue stream for DAOs in the form of Liquidity Director fees.
  4. Easy Plug n Play Liquidity.
  5. Direct liquidity to the destination protocol needs as opposed to non evenly distributed liquidity.
  6. Use the DAO treasury more efficiently for improvement of the core product as opposed to wasting it on liquidity mining rewards.

🦧Benefits of LBS to Liquidity Providers :

  1. Single sided asset provisioning
  2. Impermanent loss mitigation using Protocol Controlled Assets.
  3. Asset doesn’t lose value over time due to mercenary dumping.

As time passes LM incentives will decrease for all DeFi protocols , instead of relying on hypothetical short term price increase DeFi needs a long term decentralized , transparent like Deliq.

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A decentralized market making protocol for next gen DeFi applications.

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Deliq Finance

Deliq Finance

A decentralized market making protocol for next gen DeFi applications.

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