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2 min readMar 2, 2023

Today we will share our thoughts and answer a few questions on Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWM).


Avalanche Warp Messaging is a generalised messaging protocol developed by Ava Labs for bridge free communication between Subnets. What are Subnets you ask ?

Avalanche Subnets

Well Subnets are Avalanche’s solution to the scaling problem of blockchains, instead of forcing any transaction on a single shared state developers can spin up their own application specific blockchains. Subnets are short for subnetworks which means a dynamic subset of Avalanche validators that have their own consensus. Avalanche validators don’t automatically run blockchains for any Subnet. Instead, Subnets need to incentivise Avalanche validators separately for their support. Subnet validators will stake and be rewarded in a Subnet’s native token. Once an Avalanche validator creates a Subnet, the Subnet can create rulesets for their validators and launch their own blockchains with customized virtual machines.


Avalanche Warp Messaging

AWM was released in the latest Banff 5 upgrade of Avalanche end of the last year. Up until now, subnets needed to build and manage their own bridging solutions in order to communicate with and transfer assets between other subnets, but AWM changes that completely. AWM allows for native communication between any 2 blockchains on different Subnets and makes subnets interoperable.

How does it work ?

Here is a small technical primer on Avalanche Warp Messaging. AWM leverages BLS signatures that allows any two subnets to send and verify arbitrary messages between themselves, providing a seamless and trust minimised communication standard across the Avalanche ecosystem of subnets.

Because all Subnet Validators must validate the Primary Network the P-Chain, they can access the stake weights and registered BLS public keys of any other Subnet at any time. AWM also allows message passing to be quick since subnets simply need to aggregate the BLS Signatures, send the message, and verify the signatures.

Use Cases

  1. Cross- chain composability.
  2. Secure asset transfer between subnets.
  3. Cross chain yield generating strategies in DeFi.

End Note

AWM is an important step forward to enable interoperable subnets and thus creating a seamless subnet powered world.



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