Deliq Weekly News Letter 3

Deliq Finance
1 min readFeb 27, 2023


*The Financial Stability Board (FSB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) will deliver papers and recommendations establishing standards for a global crypto regulatory framework says the group of the 20.

*FTX Japan allows total withdrawal of funds; users rejoice the ‘escape’

*U.S. Treasury Janet Yellen calls for ‘strong regulatory framework’ for crypto activities

*Colombia’s legal system experiments in the metaverse.

*The Central Bank of Jordan is closer to its next step toward a retail central bank digital currency (rCBDC) with the completion of an International Monetary Fund technical report on the country’s markets.

*Yield platform Stablegains sued for promoting UST: Finance Redefined.

*The European Commission (EC) has launched a blockchain regulatory sandbox aiming to offer legal certainty for innovative blockchain solutions.

*India explores cross-border payment functionality with Singapore

* CORE Introducing Cross-Chain Transaction Signing, exclusively in Core! Transact easily across multiple networks! Say goodbye to manual network switching.

*Platypus on Avalanche C-chain Blockchain have successfully recovered the 2.4 million USDC from the attacked contract.

*You can now read or listen to the Complete Guide to avalanche Avax here.



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