Deliq Weekly News Update 5

Deliq Finance
Mar 16, 2023


*Silicon Valley Bank’s UK branch shut down by Bank of England

*South Dakota gov vetoes bill excluding crypto from definition of ‘money’

*USDC depegs as Circle confirms $3.3B stuck with Silicon Valley Bank

*​​Stablecoins and Ether are ‘going to be commodities,’ reaffirms CFTC chair

*Crypto funding shifts from CeFi to DeFi after major collapses: Finance Redefined

*US senators write to banking regulators about potential crypto discrimination

*Nigerian president-elect aims to use blockchain technology in the banking sector

*US Fed to create new crypto team amid concerns about unregulated stablecoins

*Biden budget proposes 30% tax on crypto mining electricity usage

*German regulator BaFin suggests a ‘case-by-case’ approach for NFTs

*Euler Finance hacked for ~200m USD in a widespread hack.



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